I can’t say enough to recommend Ris Piano

Up until now, I’ve only been a Yelp reader, not a Yelp writer; however, the service that I received at Ris Piano was so fantastic that I decided it was time to start writing. A grand piano is something that I’ve wanted for the last 40 years and finally the opportunity presented itself. Because my hands have seen better days (middle age and too many hours on the computer), I knew that finding a piano with the best action was essential. I started my search by finding one of the best piano technician/tuners in my area- Christopher Ris. My thought was that I would find a good deal on Craig’s list and Christopher could evaluate the piano and service it. After looking at his website, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ris Piano also sold used pianos.


So, one thing lead to another and I ended up buying a beautifully restored piano from Ris Piano. Besides the perfect sound and the very reasonable price for a quality instrument, the action was redone using the Stanwood method. I had no idea what the Stanwood method was, but Christopher patiently showed me and explained how the method provides perfectly balanced action which is exactly what I needed for my overworked hands. Christopher and his staff are very helpful and professional. I can’t say enough to recommend Ris Piano.



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