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[SOLD] 1906 Mason & Hamlin E3 52” ebony upright piano #16298


Comes with adjustable artist bench.

At 52” this piano has bass string lengths similar to a medium sized grand, just one inch shorter that a Steinway M.

Like some grand pianos it has a 5 note tenor bridge to smooth the transition from the treble to the bass sections.


Fully restored in 2005 and it still looks brand new inside and out


Refinished in high gloss ebony.
Plate and soundboard refinished.
New strings, dampers, hammers and key felts.
Pedals, hinges and casters all replated.


Like Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin worked with famous artists to promote their wares. Sergei Rachmaninoff was one of the most famous pianists to makes use of a Mason & Hamlin concert grand piano. Acting as a brand ambassador for the Mason & Hamlin company, he was quoted saying, “I desire to play the Mason & Hamlin pianos…I feel that if I have succeeded in making even the slightest impression upon the public by my playing, a great part of my success is due to your instruments.”


Although it’s an oldie it still has that huge Mason & Hamlin sound and will give musical pleasure for decades to come.


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