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[SOLD] 1926 Steinway ‘L’   5′ 10  1/2″  mahogany grand #240513


Stunning ribbon grain mahogany finish in excellent condition.  Classic “picture frame” detail on legs. Beautiful original ivories.


The piano belonged to concert pianist Earle Shenk from 1959 until 2020.  It was rebuilt in 1984 by the famous Berkeley piano technician Sheldon Smith.  He refinished the soundboard and plate, replaced the strings and dampers and rebuilt the upper action (hammers, shanks and flanges). Mr. Shenk discontinued his piano career in the late 1980s and the piano was hardly played since then.


Ris Piano has completed the restoration by replacing the wippen assembly on each key.  The hammer/shank/flange assemblies were removed and balanced according to a modified ”Stanwood Precision Touch Design” protocol giving the keyboard an extremely even touch and tone.


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