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[SOLD] 1931 Steinway A3 6’ 4” ebony grand #272602


This piano belonged to the American composer Elliot Carter from 1931 until his death in 2012.


The 6’ 4” version of the model ‘A’ is one of the most sought after and balanced home pianos. It was made from 1913 to 1945.  Recently Steinway reintroduced the model ‘A2’ which at 6’ 2” is 2” shorter than the A3.


Restoration just completed:


Finish:  Soundboard, plate and case refinished.  Nickel plating of all hardware.

Strings:  Agraffes replaced, pin block replaced, piano restrung with custom wound GC bass strings.

Damper guide rail refelted and dampers replaced.


Action: Parts selected to best match original design dimensions.

Parts balanced according to a modified “Stanwood Precision Touch Design” protocol for a balanced and even touch and tone.


This is a fully modern Steinway with the patented Diaphragmatic Soundboard and Accelerated Action features.


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