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[SOLD] 1991 Schimmel model CC208T 6’ 10” ivory white grand #306951


Comes with matching adjustable artist bench.


Made in 1991, this rare high gloss ivory white 6’ 10” grand first sold in 2000 when it was purchased new from Colton Piano in San Rafael.


It was rarely played and has only the slightest hint of string grooves on the hammers.


The piano has been cleaned, regulated, tuned and voiced in preparation for sale and is in near perfect condition with a lush bass and clear sustaining notes in the singing register. The action is quick and responsive (see reviews below).


If you’re looking for a top notch piano with a white elephant discount (and this off white ivory has its own compelling aesthetic once you get used to it) this piano will please the most discerning pianist and will need little service other than tuning and occasional voicing for decades to come.


Discontinued in 2000 the 6’ 10” CC208 has been replaced by the 7’ C213 (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: $78,450) and the 7’ 2” K219 (MSRP) $102,450).


From Larry Fine’s The Piano Book in 1990:

“Schimmels probably received more rave reviews than any other brand in the survey:”

“Absolutely beautiful! Tone bright and pure. Action feels quick and light like Bosendorfer.


Piano in almost perfect tune right out of the box.”
This is an incredible piano.’
“Uncanny tuning stability.”
Absolutely inspiring.”


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