The first step in unveiling the clarity, warmth and beauty of a piano, dramatically changing the esthetic experience for both the player and the listener.

“Christopher Ris has an extraordinarily precise ear, tunes
impeccably, and is fully expert at everything from minor regulation
to full-scale rebuilding.”

Denny Zeitlin


Voicing tools

Voicing tools



Hammer Shaping

Hammer Shaping

All pianos need periodic attention to the more than 10 adjustments per note. A precise regulation brings a piano to it’s highest potential and gives the pianist the fullest range of expression.

“. . .his work on the action has made the touch so precise that playing softly on any note is a dream.”

Bob Dell
Tiburon, CA

Clean your piano!

“I am especially pleased with your work on the actions. Both pianos now “float” under the fingers in a way that is extremely unusual and very special indeed. For the greatly increased expressive possibilities I am very grateful. Those who play the Baldwin in concert are consistent in their praise of the instrument.”

With gratitude,
Jim Bisbing
Director, St John’s Episcopal Church Concert Series


Steinway action model

“I now have a tremendous level of control when playing; the action allows very fine gradations of dynamic levels and tone quality.”

D’Arcy Reynolds
Pianist and teacher, San Francisco, CA