Christopher Ris is an incredible piano technician!

Dear Pianists,


Christopher Ris is an incredible piano technician! The first time he met my Yamaha C-5, he took out the action, called me over, and pointed out many misaligned parts, showing me how and where they should actually be positioned. He had me feel how the strings weren’t level with each other, and he had me feel with my fingernail how deep the grooves in the hammers were. He explained the negative effect that each problem was causing in terms of lack of responsiveness and tonal degradation. He seemed so insightful, he communicated with such precision, and I felt so immediately educated that I hired him to do everything that he suggested.


The overall result of everything he did is unbelievable. The tone and responsiveness are far better than I would have believed possible. I had bought this piano six and one half years earlier in almost brand new condition – it had hardly been played. I had always thought of it as an “almost – great” piano, but I now realize that it is a truly beautiful instrument. Now, it is actually beautifully warm yet bright, clear, clean and so easy to control due to the super even consistency of each note’s tone and responsiveness.


The experience is like having bought a new, far-superior instrument. Christopher initially said it would be as good or better than when it first left the factory, and I am convinced that it is!


It is for all of these reasons, and with great enthusiasm, that I urge you to let Christopher Ris give you a “new instrument” too!